The Best Outcome in an Emergency

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The Best Outcome in an Emergency

Emergency! Call Us!

We understand that emergencies happen and if you find yourself with a dental emergency please contact us immediately and we will prioritise you. Our team of dentists will work efficiently to get the problem fixed and ensure you are happy and out of pain by the time your treatment is over.

When Should You Call?


Common dental emergencies include broken teeth, tooth aches, and physical/sports injuries. If you or a loved one experience dental trauma of any kind please call us immediately. Simple steps to help with dental emergencies include:

The sooner one of our dentists can see an emergency patient, the better the outcome can be.


Book In

Make a booking with one of our dentists straight away


If Person is Unconscious

Please call emergency services immediately.


If a Tooth has Come Out

Try and store it in their own saliva, or milk.


Pain Relief

Treat with some pain relief at home.

For Dental Emergencies