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We at Affordable Dental Care have hand-picked our individual and dynamic team to ensure the wider Cannonvale community is provided with outstanding dental care. Our friendly team are here to help create the smile of your dreams and deliver affordable and consistent dentistry. With experienced and professional staff, you are in safe hands at Affordable Dental Care.

Affordable Dental Care is Child Friendly

Catering to the needs of all children, adolescents and patients with special needs.

From the time they get their first few teeth, children are susceptible to tooth decay as well as other dental complications. We recommend their first visit no later than 12 months old. Not only will this visit allow them to take their first steps into getting comfortable with the dental chair and surroundings, but will also ensure that they are being provided with important oral maintenance.

First Time Patient?

At Affordable Dental Care, we understand first visits can be both nerve racking for child and parent!

You can be assured that our team are trained and well equipped to make your child relax and feel at ease in the dental environment.

We will make your children feel welcome in the practice and also put them at ease before and during treatment. Our objective at Affordable Dental Care is to make first visits an enjoyable and memorable experience!

By ensuring regular visits to the dentist from a young age, not only are good oral hygiene habits established at home, our team can also ensure any dental problems are picked up early and treated immediately. Routine visits from childhood lead to healthy and positive relationships between child, parent and the dentist. Our staff will ensure that your child will receive the utmost care in a safe environment and we will go above and beyond to make the experience a positive and happy one. As “prevention is better than a cure” we recommend all children visit us twice yearly so that any potential issues can be picked up early.

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Key Teeth Milestones

Below is a table showing some key dates for children and their teeth eruption. Please be mindful that this is not a strict guide, if you have any concerns with your child’s teeth do not hesitate to book an appointment with one of our friendly dentists.

Baby Teeth

6-10mths: Upper central incisors
8-13mths: Lower central incisors
8-16mths: Lateral incisors
13-19mths: First molars
16-23mths: Canine teeth
25-33mths: Second molars

Adult Teeth

6-7yo: First molars
6-8yo: Central incisors
7-8yo: Lateral incisors
9-13yo: Canine teeth
9-13yo: Premolars
11-13yo: Second molars
17-21yo: Wisdom Teeth (if any)

Managing Baby Teeth

Teething is the process of baby teeth erupting/coming out. This can often be a distressful time for both parent and child. The whole process takes on average around 8 days. That’s 4 days prior to eruption and then 3 days after. You may notice a bluish lump around the surfacing baby tooth during this time, this is known as an eruption cyst and will naturally go away without treatment.


  • Cleaning and massaging the gum where the tooth is coming out using a finger or wet cloth
  • Using teething rings which apply gentle pressure on the area can provide some comfort
  • Children’s pain killers if necessary
  • Once the baby teeth have started to come through it is extremely important that the right steps are taken to look after them. It is commonly mistaken that baby teeth are not important because they will eventually be replaced by the permanent adult teeth, however this is not correct. Ensuring the baby teeth are healthy and strong allows your child to develop correct chewing and speech patterns, as well as ensuring all the adult successors come out in the correct position.

  • As we have mentioned before, prevention is better than cure. No parent wants to see their child have to go through extensive dental treatment, so we will work with you to achieve prevention of dental decay and infection in your child’s mouth. With good home oral hygiene, good diet and regular dental visits, the majority of these problems will be kept at bay!
  • There are many ways to help maintain your child’s oral health at home.


  • Assisting your child with brushing until the age of 6
  • Using children’s toothpaste for under 6’s (no or minimal fluoride)
  • Switching to adult toothpaste for 6 and over
  • Using only a pea size amount of toothpaste
  • Always try and minimise all sugars in the diet
  • 6 monthly Oral Health Maintenance visits with your dentist

Mouth Guards

We encourage all children and adolescents to enjoy an active and fun lifestyle. Majority of the time this will include a contact or non-contact sporting activity. To prevent impact and wear on teeth we recommend the wearing of a custom-made mouth guard, which will ensure your kids teeth are always protected.

Kids Dental Free

CDBS Scheme



The Child Dental Benefit Schedule provides individual benefits for a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions. Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital. Eligible children will have access to a benefit cap of $1,013 over a two calendar year period. To be eligible a child must be aged between 2-17 years and their family must receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment. Families can check whether their child is eligible for the CDBS by contacting the Department of Human Services. General information about the program can also be found on the Department of Human Services website.

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